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Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Is it really necessary for Israeli Jews to be murdered in mass while on vacation in Europe for the world to pay attention? At least seven are dead and twenty are injured in a suicide bombing on an Israeli tour bus in Bulgaria. On a tour bus! In Bulgaria!

Today marks 18 years since the fatal bombing of the AMIA Jewish community center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Eighty-five people were killed in the 1994 bombing with hundreds more wounded. Both attacks are linked to Iran. How much Jewish blood must be spilled in the streets before the world cares?

Too many people worldwide, including many Christians and Jews, have been taken in by the false narrative that Israel and Iran are equal aggressors. Israel has never threatened to wipe Iran “off the map,” but the president of Iran has said precisely that with regard to Israel. Israel has never attacked a bus filled with tourists or a community center jammed with people anywhere at any time. Iran has and will again if allowed.

No one in their right mind wants another war…no one. Yet, the government of Iran appears to want to provoke a war with Israel and the rest of the world seems content to be drawn in to this disastrous eventuality. We cannot stand idly by.

Our voices must be raised now! Our spiritual and political leaders must be reminded that our silence potentially condemns millions of Israelis and Iranians to death. We too will be condemned by our reticence to speak.

Our voices must be raised to God in prayer. Pray for the families that lost their loved ones. Pray for the leaders of Israel that their response is wise. Pray that the leaders of the world deal with this situation instead of delaying and ignoring the path we are on.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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