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Saturday, March 2, 2013


I am in Nashville, Tennessee at the largest annual gathering of religious broadcasters in the U.S. as one of several representatives of the Israel Allies Foundation. The Israel Allies Foundation works with parliaments around the world to mobilize political support for Israel based on Judeo-Christian values. We build an active global network of faith-based, pro-Israel legislators. As a part of our primary mission, we build formal and direct lines of communication between the government of Israel and Christian leaders worldwide, equipping Christians for political advocacy.

There is a light snow falling on this March Saturday in Nashville. The temperature is a bit above freezing so the flakes fall harmlessly onto the surface and quickly disappear. No harm, no foul.

However, in Israel at 2pm today (Shabbat), three Syrian mortars fell in the southern Golan Heights near moshav Ramat Mashimim. While none of the mortars caused injuries, this is deeply troubling.

The incident is the deepest and southernmost penetration of Syrian fire into Israeli territory in years. While the Israeli Defense Force believes it is nothing more than errant fire spilling over from Syria’s internal conflict, it follows another incident on Wednesday of this week when a tank shell landed in the central Golan community of Alonei Habashan. In that case, there were also no injuries.

Let’s be clear, these are NOT snowflakes. In each case there could have been injuries or death. This is what Israelies must live with on a regular basis. Shabbat, above all days in the week, families gather in homes and parks to enjoy life together. The terror these incidents incite, does cause harm.

The need to stand for peaceful borders for the State of Israelis not an imaginary cause. This is real. This is now.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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