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Wednesday, July 3, 2013


In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere Della Sera, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu stated: “Like everybody, we are watching very carefully what’s happening in Egypt...remember that for 30 years now we have had an anchor of peace and stability in the Middle East, and that was the Egyptian-Israeli peace treaty. We hope that peace will be kept.”

“An anchor of peace and stability.” Dropping anchor is a safety protocol often used by sailors during a storm, especially in shallow waters. The temporary mooring offers stability and control until the storm has passed. However, if the anchor does not hold the possibility of grounding on a rocky seabed or shoreline is a mortal danger.

This is the eminent threat Israel faces at this very moment. A war in Syria rages to its northeast. Hezbollah is threatening attacks from its north. Israel’s southwestern border is continually fired upon from Hamas terrorists in Gaza and troublesome rumblings are occurring in Jordan, its only peaceful neighbor to its east. Now Egypt is again erupting in violent protests.

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, is a strong supporter of the anti-Israel Muslim Brotherhood who helped elect him into office.  Since his election he has been indifferent toward Israel, but has been surprisingly pragmatic, allowing limited military cooperation to continue and brokering a tenuous cease-fire between Israel and Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip. Additionally, the Egyptian military has recently cracked down on arms smuggling into the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip. These are very positive signs of cooperation that have relieved some on the angst of Israeli citizens, particularly those along the southern border.

Now, the anchor may be coming loose. While many feel the instability in Egypt may mean a return to less influence by the Islamic Radicals, there is also the danger of even more instability as we have seen in Libya, Syria and Iraq. Many Jews and Christians have already been persecuted and now Muslims are also dying from increasing violence in the streets.

Now is a time for action from world governments that could moderate the situation. But more importantly, it is time for God’s people throughout the world to pray for peace in Egypt.

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem through peace in Israel’s surrounding neighbors, especially Egypt. Remember, as the old hymn declares: “our anchor holds within the veil.”

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