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Monday, April 14, 2014


It is time to connect the dots.

What does a lunatic in Kansas have to do with the United Nations, or the Middle East Crisis or a growing coalition of disparate groups such as universities, media sources and large corporations? The answer requires thinking beyond a headline or two. It will not be easy to accept. Once understood, actions must follow.

So what is the connection? Jews. To be more specific…hatred of the Jews. An angry 73 year-old man walks in to two separate Jewish Centers and kills random strangers. The scenario of people being killed by out of control lunatics is far too familiar. Our nation has been plagued by this type of attacks for decades. But this story has an underlying connection to anti-Semitism that must be addressed.

As reported by Reuters: “Police said it was too early to determine if Sunday's killings were motivated by anti-Semitism, but a leading anti-hate group said the suspect was a former senior member of the white supremacist Ku Klux Klan movement.”

Too early to determine? Well, let me go ahead and take the plunge, it does not mater whatever extenuating circumstances may surface in the coming days, these killings are rooted in hatred. Not just any hatred, mind you, this is hatred of the Jews. On Passover Eve, a brutal attack was perpetrated against innocents.

The constant drumbeat of Jew haters from every quarter feeds this hatred. The Klu Klux Klan is no newcomer to anti-Semitism, but there is a swelling anti-Semitism worldwide that has never gone away. While things have improved in many places, there continues to be a rise of hatred for all things Jewish in Europe, Russia, the worldwide Internet, university campuses and media outlets.

One of the most insidious anti-Semitic characteristics of the modern world is the incessant criticism of the State of Israel, the Jewish Homeland. Hatred of the Jews is reinforced by the constant sniping at Israel.

Now is the time for people of good conscience to rise against this worldwide trend. Standing for Israel’s right to exist within secure borders is a critical element of combating the growing hatred of the Jews. Standing against the forces that seek to divide Jerusalem into an East/West Berlin-type capital is vital to the cause of resisting anti-Semitism.

Remember, the dots must be connected.

Please join me in prayer for the families who lost loved ones in Kansas. Pray for safety for Jewish community centers worldwide. And, as we are commanded by Scripture, pray for the peace of Jerusalem. 

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