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Tuesday, December 16, 2014


I am seated in the airport on my way to Washington, D.C. watching news reports coming out of Pakistan. At least 126 children dead at the hands of Islamic militants. Their spokesperson states this horrific attack is "revenge" for military actions taken by the Pakistani military against their soldiers. Rebel soldiers killed equals the right to murder innocent children in the minds of these Islamists. Please understand what is happening, knifings in Jerusalem, hostages and deaths in Sydney, Australia, children murdered in Pakistan...these are all the same people using the same tactics. Whether it is Boco Haram in Nigeria, Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, ISIS in Syria, Taliban in Pakistan or Hamas in Gaza, these are all the same people. They are driven by the same ideology, united in their hatred for the rest of us and committed to the same tactics. 

Today I will be with gathered my Israel Allies Foundation colleagues as we strategize how to raise awareness and activate Jews and Christians to stand with Israel against this onslaught. The U.S. Administration is putting constant pressure on the Israeli government to split Jerusalem into two capitals and to surrender more land to the control of the Palestinian Authority. Why do they believe the PA can be trusted at this time? Scores of attacks against innocent citizens have occurred over the last few weeks in Israel. An Arab leader in Jerusalem: "THERE IS A NEW TENSION IN THE AIR; ABBAS (Leader of the Palestinian Authority) WANTS EAST JERUSALEM BURNING". 

There is a growing threat around the world. Among the Islamists, hatred is on fire.

Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem. Pray for the leadership and people of nations where these attacks are happening (including America) and please pray for my colleagues as we strategize together this week.

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