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Friday, July 31, 2015


It breaks my heart to hear that Jewish Israelis committed a terror attack against Palestinians today. A Palestinian toddler was killed and three members of his family injured in a deadly arson attack on their home by suspected Jewish, far-right extremists. The former ambassador to the U.S., and current Knesset Member Michael Oren stated earlier today: "The hate crime in Duma was an act of terror, The state of Israel is a country of law and works accordingly against anything that goes against our beliefs."
This act of terror will play into the hands of those who hate and vilify Israel. Shame on those who perpetrated this crime or support it in any way.
Jews in Israel are rightly frustrated by the constant Palestinian extremist attacks on their families, friends and citizens. However, to turn to the same evil tactics lowers the value of human life and is directly opposed to Jewish faith. The Jewish Nation is a political state, but above all it is Jewish in character. No army in the world is more careful than the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) to protect non-combatants from collateral damage. No nation gives medical care to more of those who call for its destruction than Israel. This terrorist attack, committed by far-right Israelis, is the antithesis of the Jewish State I know and love.
Please pray for the surviving Palestinian family members. Pray for a softening of the heart for the far-right Israelis. And as always, pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

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