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Thursday, May 18, 2017


One of my dear friends, Rebekah Reinstein, is greatly loved by so many who know her because of her huge heart and honest transparency. She recently shared her pain so powerfully I have nothing of value to add, so let me simply pass them along to you:

“This is so discouraging...How can anyone look at our situation with the Arabs and say: "everyone is playing nice" and "we should preserve the status quo". Just because there have been fewer successful terror attacks does not mean that there is a decline in attempted attacks. We are living among those who have sworn to annihilate us. The Palestinians continue to indoctrinate their youth towards violence and the PA continues encourage terrorism by paying the families of murders.
The status quo is this: the Arabs are stealing land and building all around us illegally while we have instituted a building freeze. We do not have authority of our most holy site and we sit idly by as our antiquities are pillaged and trashed. The status quo is not peace; it is holding our breath waiting for the next attack.

Why do our leaders fear provoking the Palestinians? They don't need an excuse to riot, ram and stab. Their status quo is teaching, inciting, paying for and praising terror. Why is this behavior being rewarded???”

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